5 Life-Saving Applications for the SkySaver Emergency Evacuation Backpack

January 19, 2020

The SkySaver Backpack looks just like a regular backpack…..BUT…..in fact, it’s a lifesaving piece of technology that can facilitate emergency evacuation from a wide range of settings. 

Inside the SkySaver is a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that utilizes a centrifugal and friction based braking system to lower evacuees to the ground safely. Using SkySaver, an entire rescue operation can take less than 3 minutes and eliminate the need for third party support. In today’s blog, we take a look at 5 different scenarios where the SkySaver could save the life of those needing emergency evacuation.

1 – Crane Operators Emergency Rescue

Incidents such as fires or equipment malfunction can leave crane operators with no means of escape. Currently, most crane evacuations are carried out with ladders, cables and ropes and involve rescuers climbing up the crane to evacuate the operator. Assistance from emergency services may also be required. Third party rescue takes up precious time for those trapped at height. The SkySaver backpack gives crane operators a safe and effective method of self-rescue so they can evacuate without delay.

2 – Construction Rescue Plan

Many construction sites have teams working at height who could benefits from having a SkySaver on hand. When evacuation is required, regardless of the type of accident, it is crucial that it happens quickly. Ensuring speedy rescue not only increases the likelihood of a safe outcome for those caught up in the incident, it also minimises costly downtime for contractors. By having SkySaver’s self-evacuation kits within reach, teams can self-rescue immediately.

3 – SkySaver for Wine Turbine Evacuation

There are more than 250 fires and hundreds of emergency evacuations from wind turbines each year. Due to the uniqueness of their structure, wine turbine emergencies can be particularly difficult and can endanger the lives of wind turbine technicians. By having SkySaver’s Portable Self-Evacuation Kits in place, workers can evacuate safely and quickly.

4 – High Rise Building Escape Emergency Rescue

High-rise buildings can be notoriously challenging to evacuate in emergency situations. Evacuating large amounts of people safely via multi-storey stairways is difficult and time consuming. In some cases, when emergency escape routes have been blocked, escape is only possible with the help of emergency service teams. Sadly, it’s not always possible for teams to reach everyone trapped inside. The SkySaver is an excellent solution for high-rise evacuation. Whether you’re ensuring the safety of those in a residential or commercial high rise, SkySaver gives occupants a fighting chance of safe evacuation in an emergency.

5 – SkySaver for Rescue Teams

For rescue teams, time is of the essence. They must be able to access any location for quick and safe evacuation. A single worker, equipped with a SkySaver IIE Portable Kit, can help to lower an injured or incapacitated co-worker to safety and medical assistance. The easy-to-use SkySaver IIE Portable Kit, which includes a controlled descent device (CDD), portable anchoring accessories and an ergonomically designed harness, is designed to evacuate workers as high up as 80 meters above ground level within three minutes.

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