Men in hi vis working at height. One man is in fall position wearing height safety gear

Tool@rrest Global Tool Tethering Advice: Tether tools, save a life!

When working at a height, an employer and employee needs to consider how to ensure safety for everyone involved. One of the most important things to consider is how you will be tethering your tools to avoid dropping them and lowering

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Electrician working at height wearing PPE

Pioneering Safety & Efficiency: Official Tethered VDE Tool Kits for Electricians

Work Safely at Heights Employers are legally obligated in the United Kingdom to ensure that their employees are safe from potential falls and other hazards when working at heights. To secure handheld tools and reduce any potential risks, this calls

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SkySaver Emergency Evacuation for Crane Operators

Operating a crane can be a high-stress and intensive task with little room for error. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur and result in the need for emergency evacuation. Beyond human error, external conditions, such as adverse weather events, can also create

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tools for safety

The DOs & DON’Ts of Tool Tethering

Did you know that dropped objects rank in the top 3 of the deadliest workplace accidents in the UK, according to the latest statistics from HSE’s Riddor Report 2017/18? Falling objects also accounted for over 7,000 reported non-fatal injuries, with

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Man holding hand tool

Reasons Why Safety Tool Lanyards are Crucial in 2024

The benefits of using a tool tethering lanyard Tool tethering lanyards are a form of PPE and play a crucial role in workplace safety. When working at height, they not only prevent tools from dropping and causing harm or damage,

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Inspection and Maintenance Regimes for Tool Tether Systems

Our tool tether systems are rigorously tested to ensure they are up to the job. However, they only maintain their safety credentials if they are free from damage, wear and tear. It is vital that all tool tethering solutions are

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Making the Business Case for Tool Tethering

In the HSE’s 2019 statistics, they reported that 16 of the 147 fatal injuries at work were caused by employees being struck by a moving object. In addition, 10% of the 581,000 non-fatal injuries were also caused by moving objects,

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Upgrade Existing Tools with the Tool@rrest Retr@fit Service

We all know that dropped tools can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. They can also cause equipment damage, and costly downtime and may lead to lawsuits and fines. Tool tethering equipment is non-negotiable if you have teams working

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Self-Tethering: Remarkable Alternative to Hazardous Homemade Tethers

Self-tethering doesn’t need to be difficult. A common issue we see when it comes to safely securing your tools is with the use of “homemade tethers”, usually created with rope, tape or key rings. Whilst the intention is good, they

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5 Life-Saving Applications for the SkySaver Emergency Evacuation Backpack

The SkySaver Backpack looks just like a regular backpack…..BUT… fact, it’s a lifesaving piece of technology that can facilitate emergency evacuation from a wide range of settings.  Inside the SkySaver is a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that utilizes a

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