Pioneering Safety & Efficiency: Official Tethered VDE Tool Kits for Electricians

June 12, 2024
Electrician working at height wearing PPE

Work Safely at Heights

Employers are legally obligated in the United Kingdom to ensure that their employees are safe from potential falls and other hazards when working at heights. To secure handheld tools and reduce any potential risks, this calls for the use of dependable equipment. Here’s where Tool@rrest tethered VDE tool kits come into play.

What is a professional Tool@rrest Global tethered VDE tool kit?  

Tethered VDE tools are a specialised set of insulated tools designed specifically for electricians and other professionals working with electrical systems at height or near to the leading edge. Electricians need insulated tools to protect themselves from potential electrical shocks as they frequently work with live electrical components.

VDE is an internationally accredited testing and certification institute that must be adhered to. To improve safety when working with electricity, our insulated tools have protective coatings that effectively block the flow of electricity from the tool to the worker. Consequently, these tools significantly diminish the likelihood of electrical injuries or mishaps.

The Tool@rrest Global tethered VDE tool kits contain a wide variety of electrician tools including 5-piece insulated VDE screwdriver voltage tested to EN60900 1000V, 3-piece insulated VDE plier set to EN60900, insulated VDE water pump pliers to EN60900 and a 300mm insulated hacksaw all with metal free tool non-conducting tool tethers for use when working at height.

Key Features of our Tethered VDE Tool Kit

VDE-insulated tools are designed with several key features to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical work. Here are some of the main characteristics:

  • Insulation: The most critical feature is the insulation. VDE tools are coated with a dielectric material that resists electric current, protecting users from electric shocks up to 1000 volts.
  • Testing: Each tool is individually tested according to the VDE standards, which align with the international IEC 60900 regulation, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Durability: The insulation is not only protective but also durable, designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use without compromising safety.
  • Ergonomics: VDE tools are often ergonomically designed to provide comfort during use, which is particularly important for professionals who use these tools frequently.
  • Identification: They are clearly marked with the VDE symbol, which signifies that the tool has been tested and certified for electrical work.
Electrician working at height following safety guidance

Safety Guidelines for Tethered VDE Tools

When using VDE-insulated tools, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure your protection and the effectiveness of the tools. Here are some key safety guidelines:

  1. Qualified Users: Work on electrically live equipment should be carried out only by trained electricians. They have the necessary expertise to handle electrical systems safely.
  2. Use Certified Tools: Only use tools and safety equipment marked with the double triangle or bell 1000 V symbol (refer to BGV A3). These symbols indicate that the tools are designed for electrical work and provide insulation up to 1000 V AC (alternating current) and 1500 V DC (direct current).
  3. Inspect Insulation: Before starting any work, check the insulation of your tools for damage. Damaged tools must not be used, as compromised insulation can pose risks.

Prioritising health and safety when working at heights is paramount for electricians. By utilising VDE specialist tools designed to meet safety standards, such as insulated screwdrivers and pliers, we can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Investing in proper training and equipment not only protects the well-being of electricians but also ensures the successful completion of projects. Remember, when it comes to working at heights, safety should always come first. Trust in Tool@rrest Global.