Self Tethering by Tool@rrest

June 05, 2018
Dawn Karim

2018 has, so far, been an exciting year for Tool@rrest. Not only have we launched a very successful self tether range we are also currently having some independent testing done on some new lanyards which will be on sale later this month. Tool@rrest is now such a recognised brand in the industry we are dealing with companies in the Middle East, Nigeria and USA.

Designed for a quick or temporary solution Tool@rrest now has a complete self tether range which can be fitted by the operative. Whilst this solution is not serialised it still maintains our high standards and is designed for use on tools up to 2.5kg.  We can provide a tool matrix and training videos upon request.

A selection of our self tethering range


Whilst our flagship blue tether remains the safest solution and the only tether system to offer a fully certified and traceable system whichever option you choose we aim to eliminate any potential dropped object.

If you require a visit or demonstration of our products please let us know. We can also visit your customers with you to ensure that the best information is given.

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