SkySaver Backpack: Fast Emergency Evacuation for Wind Turbine Technicians

September 27, 2019

Wind turbines are challenging working environments at the best of times. Emergencies can be particularly difficult and can endanger the lives of wind turbine technicians.

In an emergency, such as a fire or adverse weather event, personnel working in or outside the nacelle area needs to be evacuated swiftly and safely from a considerable height. Current rescue operations usually involve specially trained rescue teams, ropes and even helicopter rescue. As wind farms are typically located in isolated areas, rescue efforts can often take too long.

Fortunately, there is now a better solution: SkySaver’s Portable Evacuation Kits. These innovative kits provide a cost-efficient, quick and safe way for workers to evacuate from height.

SkySaver: Key Benefits

 Provides quick and immediate evacuation
 Intuitive usage – no training required
 Military-grade technology that functions under extreme conditions
 Can also be used to rescue injured or unconscious technicians

There are more than 250 fires and hundreds of emergency evacuations from wind turbines each year. By Having SkySaver’s Portable Self-Evacuation Kits in place, workers can evacuate safely without delay.

How the SkySaver Works

The SkySaver Rescue Backpack looks just like a regular backpack but contains a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that utilises a centrifugal and friction-based braking system to lower the user to the ground. It does so at a comfortable and steady rate of 2 meters per second. Using SkySaver, an entire rescue operation can take less than 3 minutes and eliminates the need for rescue professionals or costly onsite helicopters.

Injured and Incapacitated Evacuation (IIE) Portable Kit

In the event that a worker becomes injured or unconscious and is unable to carry out their own rescue, a SkySaver IIE Portable Kit can be used to bring them to safety.

When equipped with a portable kit, a single worker can help lower an injured or incapacitated co-worker to safety so they can receive medical attention without delay. The easy-to-use SkySaver IIE Portable Kit includes a controlled descent device (CDD), portable anchoring accessories and an ergonomically designed harness. It is designed to evacuate workers as high up as 80 meters above ground level within three minutes.

Keep Your Team Safe with SkySaver

By implementing SkySaver as an organisation-wide emergency evacuation solution, safety managers can provide their technicians with a safe work environment even in the tallest turbine models on the market.

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