Tethered Tool Kits vs Self-Tethering vs Retr@fit

November 29, 2019

Not sure what tool tethering solution is most suitable for your needs? In today’s blog, we take a look at our three tool tether options and their key benefits.


We developed our self-tether range as a quick solution for tool tethering. Self-tethers are fitted by the operative and are designed to work with specific tool types. Check out our YouTube Channel for self-tether tutorials.

 Lower cost
 Quick and easy to self-assemble
 Great for a temporary solution

Tethered Tool Kits

If you’re looking for a long-term tool tethering system, we recommend choosing a solution which uses our patented blue tether. We offer a range of tool kits for different applications which work with our blue tether. As well as mobile kits and tool chests, we also offer bespoke kits, which can be fully customised to meet almost any application or need.

 Long term, fail-safe solution
 Includes high quality tools specifically designed for tethering
 Works with our patented, highest standard blue tether

Retr@fit Service

With the Retr@fit service, most hand tools can be fitted with our fail-safe blue tether in seconds. This means your existing tools can now be used as part of a completely secure drop prevention system. We come to you and carry out the service at your site to minimise any downtime.

 No need to buy new kit
 Can be retrofitted on-site in seconds
 Long term, fail-safe solution
 Works with our patented, highest standard blue tether

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