Toolbox Talks and End User Visits

July 10, 2018
Dawn Karim

Tool@rrest is not just about tool tethers, tool lanyards or tools kits that are pre-tethered. We also offer training, consultancy and assistance with writing work at height policies. We work with our distributors by accompanying them on end user visits to understand what products best fit the end users’ requirements and procedures. As a UK manufacturer we can discuss any bespoke products and own branding on products.

We have successfully worked with many large construction companies assisting in the specification of their tool tethering policies and have supplied corporate site posters as part of the education program.

We work closely with many of our distributors enabling them to secure large contract with well-known offshore and onshore oil & gas companies, overhead line companies, renewable energy companies by providing support and consultancy and support throughout the whole process.

If you require any of our services-tool tethers, tool lanyards or tools kits that are pre-tethered- or want to know further details about our products please contact

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