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SkySaver for Fast Emergency Evacuation from High Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings can be notoriously challenging to evacuate in emergency situations. Evacuating large amounts of people safely via multi-storey stairways is difficult and time consuming. In some cases, when emergency escape routes have been blocked, escape is only possible with

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SkySaver Backpack: Fast Emergency Evacuation for Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind turbines are challenging working environments at the best of times. Emergency situations can be particularly difficult and can endanger the lives of wind turbine technicians. In an emergency, such as a fire or adverse weather event, personnel working in

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Types of Tethered Toolkits

Need a fully secure, tested and assured system to help eliminate dropped tools when working at height? Choose one of our carefully constructed tool kits, complete with certified Tool@rrest tethers and lanyards. Tool@rrest toolkits are available in both mobile and

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Tool Tethering Myths

6 Tool Tethering Myths Debunked

Common misconceptions about tool tethering must be tackled. If they are allowed to persist, they can stop teams from taking appropriate safety measures and could even result in an accident. Myth 1: Tool tethering is only needed when tools are

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How to Carry Out Pre-Use Checks on Tool Tethers

Carrying out pre-use checks on tool tethers is essential. These inspections ensure that tool tethering equipment is in good working order and can be relied on to keep your team safe if a tool is dropped from height. In today’s

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The DOs & DON’Ts of Tool Tethering

Did you know that dropped objects rank in the top 3 of the deadliest workplace accidents in the UK, according to the latest statistics from HSE’s Riddor Report 2017/18? Falling objects also accounted for over 7,000 reported non-fatal injuries, with

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Training, Tool Box Talks and Consultancy for Dropped Tool Prevention

Great tool tethering solutions you can rely on again and again are only one side of the story when it comes to keeping your team safe from dropped tools. Here at Tool@rrest, we understand that great safety products must go

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Self-Tethers: A Speedy Solution for Temporary Tool Tethering

For those looking for a long-term tool tethering system, we’d always recommend choosing a solution which uses our patented blue tether. The blue tether is our most rigorously tested tool tether option. This fail-safe solution is available as part of

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Why Serial Numbers are Vital for Tool Tether Traceability

Not all tool tethers are created equal. Here at Tool@rrest, every single one of our tethers is supplied with a tether tag. This tag contains a unique, individually traceable serial number. Using serial number across the board in our product

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Retr@fit Your Existing Tools with Tool@rrest

Unsecured dropped tools can result in serious or fatal injuries to your team. They can also cause equipment damage, costly downtime, litigation, fines and loss of reputation. Often, we see homemade tethers (normally with rope or unsuitable key rings or

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